Your Roles and Responsibility

Your main responsibly as an au pair is to be a key part of the family and be involved in all aspects of it. Your main jobs are all centred around childcare so you are not expected to undertake heavy housework, just light duties that relate to the children. Overall you will be providing no more than 10 hours of childcare per day totalling  45 hours per week,  this maybe spilt throughout the day is you are looking after children of a school age. You should be working for no more than 5 ½ days a week, and should therefore get a day and a half off for free time.

Your day to day responsibilities will mainly include

  • Helping the children with their day to day routine, making sure they are washed, dressed and prepared for school in the mornings.
  • Getting involved with any extra curricular activities and assisting with homework.
  • House keeping relating to the children, making their meals, helping them keep their rooms tidy etc
  • Getting involved with fun and games when the parents are out
  • Driving the children to and from school and activities (if required)
Your may have a variety or roles and routine dependant on the age of the children you will be looking after. If you are looking after children of a school age then you will have free time in the day to catch up on uni work or see friends, however if you are looking after younger children you maybe working in the day. Things may also change in the school holidays or over the weekend, you will work with your host families to work out a schedule that suits everybody.