Getting Started

The Application Process

So you have done your research and your ready for the challenge but what does the application process involve exactly?

Initially you need to express your interest via the enquiry form and we will create an account for you which will require you to complete the following.

The Application Form, we understand like it may seem like a lot but it helps the host family get a good understanding of your personality and experience.

You really need to go into detail about your childcare experience, don’t leave anything out, even baby sitting for brother’s and sisters counts as experience.

The Photographs

You need to upload 10 (yes 10) photographs, make sure they are of good quality and show you smiling and having fun! Include a good mix, photo’s of you playing with children you have cared for are perfect, but include some of you and your family and maybe your hobbies.

The Video

Probably one of the most important parts of your application, this is where your future host family will gain their first impression of you.

You need a brief introduction to highlight your personality and explain to the viewer why they should invite you to be a part of their family life.

Be as creative as possible try and showcase your hobbies and interests, remember you also need to appeal to the children you will be looking after.

The Introduction letter

This letter is written directly for the family it needs to be personal and really explain what you want to gain from the experience and why you think you would be a perfect fit for the family.


You need 3 verifiable references 2 childcare related references and 1 personal reference.

Your application form needs to be 100% complete before you can move onto the interview stage.