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The AmeriAuPair programme has a whole host of benefits that run throughout the 12 month programme period.The programme is perfect for anybody wanting to take a gap year, enhance their CV or genuinely just want to work in America.

Earn- With the lowest programme fees in the industry, free return flights, no living costs and a $10,000 salary, the Au Pair programme is a great way to take a year out, develop your CV and see the sights of America.

Learn- You have the opportunity to study at a American college, chose from a wide range of courses at A-Level standard, so whether you want to learn another language or have a bash at psychology you will have the time and funds to do so as your host family will give you $500 for your fees.

Travel- With a 2 week paid vacation on top of your weekly time off you will have a chance to explore your local area and surrounding states. In addition you have 30 days at the end of your visa to explore America far and wide.